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Ahhhh, Asia, an entire continent of endless possibilities to fire the imagination. Steamy interior jungles, islands with azure waters fringed by palms, urban metropolis and traditional villages, Asia is a beguiling tapestry of juxtapositions. From traditional Japan to historic Myanmar, the bustle of Bangkok to the intoxication of India, a Cosmos tour in Asia will have you taking the local pulse. Awaken your inner explorer and be immersed in ‘wow’ moments you’ll re-live forever. 

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, made famous by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. China is truly a country on the march. Bolting into modernity and leaving the world in its wake, this multi-faceted country is bewildering in its immense vastness, intriguing social complexity and incredible icons. There’s the razzle-dazzle diva of Shanghai, with cosmopolitan rooftop bars and cutting edge design, the 250BC ancient terracotta warriors of Xi'an, the UNESCO listed Great Wall of China, Beijing’s Forbidden City and rural areas where traditional life remains unchanged. But one thing is clear – China’s going places. Jump on-board to destination ‘wow’ with a Cosmos Tour.   


India is alive with colour; from the Taj Mahal- the blinding white temple of love, to the fluorescent saris and turbans found in The Golden Triangle and the blue-hued houses of Udaipur. Cosmos India Tours always serve up a dish of the unexpected. Just when you think you have India figured out, she takes an unexpected twist. So don’t resist this magical country: relax, live it easy, go with the flow, and dive headfirst with us into the vitality that runs through India’s veins. Everyday moments will give you goosebumps, whether eating a meal from a banana leaf, savouring the heady scent of flower markets, breathing in the exotic scents at spice plantations, cruising on the Arabian Sea, or house-boating though tropical Kerala backwaters. India is truly a must-see.


Japan is no one-trick pony. She’s part futuristic (rocket cross-country on a bullet train or witness the eye-watering fashions in Tokyo’s Harajuku district), and part living in the past adhering to centuries of tradition. Hyperactive metropolises enthrall, but rural areas are equally entrancing – head into the country’s most remote regions and see the UNESCO World Heritage listed thatched houses of Shirakawa, or the untouched alpine town of Takayama. No matter where you head in this slinky archipelago, a Japan tour with Cosmos will connect you with a new world of people, places and experiences. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is hot, hot, hot. This exotic teardrop of a country at India’s base is sizzling as the forerunner in travel trends. Off the map for decades while civil unrest ruled, it has rightfully returned onto the scene, bright and shiny with allures aplenty. Tea plantations sweep as far as the eye can see, breathtaking white sand beaches anchored by palm trees, ancient monasteries and eco-parks teeming with wildlife, all beckon adventure seekers. Travel is easy – distances are short. It's gorgeous, affordable and still uncrowded. Be ahead of the pack and explore Sri Lanka with Cosmos before tourism truly settles in. 

Vietnam and Cambodia

The colonising French vigorously put their stamp on this sector of the world, leaving behind sophisticated architecture in Vietnam’s quaint Hoi An and crusty baguettes in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh. Yet the overall flavour is uniquely South East Asian at its very best. Words fail to describe the enigmatic sight of Angkor Wat rising from the tangled jungle, like a beacon of Khmer genius, the emerald waters of Halong Bay, or the pervasive charm of Hanoi. With a long and often turbulent history, the present-day Vietnam and Cambodia are filled to the brim with intoxicating adventure. Go Live It every moment of it on a Cosmos tour.


Calling all soul travellers: the mysteries of the planet await you in Jordan. From its spectacular ancient stone-carved cities to the warmth of the locals, Go Live It Easy with Cosmos in Jordan. Feel goosebumps as you walk ancient trails in the Jordan Valley, breathing in history alongside the incredible view. Drink in the salty air of the Dead Sea, as local legends share the secrets of this natural wonder. With a Cosmos Tour Director providing all the intel to this ancient land, we make the simple special, giving you the freedom to Go Live It Easy in Jordan.  


If awe-stonishment has a birthplace, it’s Israel. This holy land is packed with thousands of years of stories – and now you have the chance to go make your own. Your story begins in Tel Aviv, where the sun and sea will lure you to play all day. Travel back in time as you explore Caesarea and its ancient Roman Theatre, where local legends will reveal local secrets. Discover the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, built over the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Feel the goosebumps as you follow the footsteps of his last days, as you travel from the Garden of Gethsemane up to the Way of the Cross. All this and more will give you thrills as you Go Live It Easy on a Cosmos tour in Israel.  

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